Allmänna Villkor

1. Company information:
Proud Collection, corporate 5567798424
Our contact details:
E.W Holding AB (Att: Proud Collection)
Address: Vretgränd 18, 753 22 Uppsala, Sweden

2. Company’s support and availability:
Inquiries by e-mail related to purchases or orders answered normally within one (1) working with a personal response.

3. Consumer’s right to help:
The consumer has the right to apply directly to us to get help with complaints, withdrawal and other assistance related to the purchase or order. We normally respond within one (1) business day via email.

4. Product and total costs:
As a consumer, you always see the total price for the item/items you are ordering. Thanks to our smart ordering you always see what you purchase, total costs, delivery times and any costs that may apply.

5. Delivery Times:
At the time of purchase the consumer is informed of the maximum delivery time. The delivery time may be longer for certain products under such great weekends and holidays. Estimated delivery time is vividly displayed in checkout before payment. The delivery time is normally calculated for 2-5 days. Consumers have the right to cancel the purchase without charge at any delay. In case of delay given the consumer directly to the purchase of both delivery time and reason for the delay.

6. Shipping:
Free shipping in Sweden, for other countries in Europe the shipping cost is always 99 SEK (about 11 Euros). Any customs charges may be payable by the consumer himself.

7. Repayment:
The consumer is entitled to a refund of complaints of faulty/damaged goods within 30 days from the days from receipt of notice from the consumer. Proud Collection always stands for return shipping and any other costs in the case of damaged or defective goods, with the condition that errors can be detected. Shipping costs will be repaid even those within 30 days from the receipt of the hyped product.

8. Right of withdrawal/rights to change in distance:
The consumer has 14 days from the date of , the consumer has received the goods. The right of withdrawal, the consumer can contact us by letter or email. The right of withdrawal refunded the consumer what he paid, including fees imposed (freight, invoice fees, etc.). Consumers have the right to open the package at no cost and examine the goods, but goods to be returned in substantially the same state. If the item does not match the information on the company website, and errors can be detected, treated the matter as a complaint, not a withdrawal process.
Our contact information you see under 1.

9. Returns/right to change at the fair:
When purchased at the fair, the customer has no legal right to cancel the purchase. We refer to the law of consumer, konsumentköplagen 1990:932.

10. Complaints and seller Guarantee:
The consumer has the right to complain about a product on the characteristics deviate from the agreed or required by law. At the complaint we follow Consumer Complaints Board recommendations. Reasonable time for complaints is up to 3 years, provided that the product was faulty at the time of delivery. In case of claims we need to know what it is for non-conformity. If a product is faulty, there are a number of options you may be entitled to according to consumer.
You can:
– require that the fault corrected
– require redelivery of a new, free from defects
– get a price reduction
– cancel the purchase and get cash back
– withhold payment
– get pay for damages
But the consumer can not demand all the options at any one time. It is really only the requirement of damages that can be combined with any of the others. Proud Collection is always resposible of return shipping and any other costs in the case of damaged or defective goods, with the condition that errors can be detected. At the complaint, the customer contact Damn Heels Scandinavia complaint department by email and give the order number and reason for complaint.

11. Sales to minors:
Persons under 18 may not enter into contracts without parental approval.

12. Financial Security:
Company may demonstrate financial stability and good credit if needed. We apply secure e-commerce guidelines for safe trading online.

13. Secure payment solutions:
We offer two payment options:
Online Payment:
Online Payment through PayPal. When paying by card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) through PayPal, you do not disclose any account information to us, we get the money without seeing your credit card or bank account numbers. All deposits occur in real time and the money is directly available on PayPal’s secure client account. Customers can feel secure because the information is automatically sent with high data encryption. PayPal meets the requirements of PCI DSS.
Invoice (just for Swedish customers):
Invoice through Klarna. If paying by invoice is paid the full amount including the service charge for delivery. The invoice is delivered in a separate letter in the middle of the month. When paying by invoice, the company has the right to levy a service charge of 39 SEK. The invoice payment terms have twenty (20) days. In default of payment, the company has the right to charge interest at 8% per year, a reminder fee of fifty (50) SEK by law. The company also has the right to make a personal information/credit of the consumer and the right to deny consumers pay by invoice after the usual credit checks.

14. Cookies:
Under the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website informed about what cookies are used and given the opportunity to refuse such usage. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer and contains information. Cookies are used for example to the website to remember if you are inside the dog or cat hand side so you do not choose each time you click somewhere in the main menu. Cookies are used for purely technical reasons, to improve the website. There are two types of cookies. The first saves a file permanently on your browser. It is used to adapt the website to your preferences, choices and interests. The second type is called a session cookie. While you are visiting a Web page, the cookie is sent between your computer and the server to connect information, such as when you fill in your address details when ordering. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

15. Newsletter:
When purchasing be included with a subscription to our newsletter which will be a couple of times a year and sent via email.

16. Trivia:
We observe the Swedish Law, Swedish Distance Trade, National Board and Law of Customer rules at any disputes. We adapt to normal after the Security of E-commerce Guidelines terms and conditions. It is your duty as a customer to take advantage of our terms of sale before ordering. We reserve the right for text errors, the final sales beyond our control and that the shades can differentiate between what you see on the screen and the real thing. We are not responsible if things get destroyed by decolorization. Disputes between companies is assessed in Swedish district court.